Cleaner airflow for healthier, better tasting food

Haier's exclusive ABT? (Anti-Bacterial Treatment) uses ultraviolet light to prevent the formation and proliferation of bacteria in the refrigerator's air flow. This helps to  improve fridge hygiene and...

Self-Cleaning Technology More Clean And Hygienic

12 smart balls strike inner and outer tub walls to prevent dirt from sticking to tub and make it clean and hygienic, avoiding secondary pollution

Self Clean Technology

Removes away dirt on the evaporator surface to ensure clean air out of air conditioner


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International Standards

As of June 2018, it has participated in the revision of 59 international standards, leading and participationg in 470 revisions of national/industry stands.


Patents Worldwide

Up to now, Haier has applied for more than 38,000 patents in 25 countries and regions, including 23,000 invention patents. These patents has been obtained either through independent R&D or from overseas M&A


Red Dot and iF Award

Up to now, Haier's high-quality products have won more than 170 world-class industrial design awards such as the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award, ranking first in the industry.

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